Motorsports One will be going on hiatus for the 2020 season, the site had
a good run for over 20 years and had a great purpose when there weren't
many alternatives for reliable NASCAR statistics.

Times have changed, with social media and other statistics sites that cover
more types of motorsports, it has become very difficult to compete for
a small and mostly unfunded operation.

The site will likely be taken down within the next year, but its content can still be
viewed by hovering over the pull-down menus or going to the original homepage.

Thanks for your support over the last two decades. Feedback can be sent via e-mail.

Site Visitor Testimonials

"Much like Jayski, your site was bookmarked and always one of my favorites and most used."
-Brandon S.

"I checked your site regularly over the years for entry list updates, owner points standings, and to get links to the TV listings. I am sad to see the site going away but understand the reasoning."
-David P.

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